Zhang Hui wants to conserve nature


Being exposed to nature at a young age, she grew up appreciating the great outdoors. Her parents are both Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) members and at age six, Ng Zhang Hui became a member too.

She was a member of KidZania CongreZZ 2016, and today, the 10-year-old from Kuala Lumpur is one of Sunway Theme Parks’ 10 Wildlife Heroes.

She tells us about herself:

“I am a sub-committee member for a special interest group called Green Living under MNS. Our main activity is to promote green and sustainable living whenever we can through interactive activities and games at events. For example, educating others on saving and reducing energy consumption, and proper usage of our water resources, as well as the importance of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). With MNS, I also clean up beaches, forests, park trails and turtle sanctuaries.

I like how animals are connected to each other in a unique manner and the way each animal has its own special character and way of living. Horses are my favourite because they symbolise freedom. I am learning to ride at Denai Alam Riding and Recreation Club, and I even get to feed the horses and interact with them.

I had a hamster named Lola but she passed on due to old age. This year, I took care of a little mynah hatchling which I watched hatch from its beautiful turquoise egg in the bird box that I built. The mother bird had laid its eggs in the bird box. I didn’t keep the mynah as a pet because I believe animals are meant to be free.

I am always optimistic with a fun-loving personality! I love to read and bake cakes and cupcakes during my free time. I also play the piano, dance and figure skate. This year, I won first place in the Singapore Open National Figure Skating Championship and also Malaysia National Figure Skating at my level. My goal is to master skills such as double toe loop, double loop and double flip. I also hope to be a coach to teach others figure skating.

Most of all, I enjoy being outdoors as I feel more alive. Aside to that, I get to discover and appreciate the beauty of our environment.

I reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu in May 2016 with my family. I was not scared at all. In fact, I was very excited because I love mountains. It was tiring, but when I reached the peak, the feeling of achieving something overwhelmed me and I was proud of myself. It was a two-night trip with pit stops at the rest house in Laban Rata.

Twice a month, I assist my scout master to teach young children (aged five to 11) outdoor activities such as making a compass, map-reading, tying knots and lashing, rope-climbing and fishing.

I volunteer once or twice a year at the turtle sanctuary in Pengkalan Balak in Malacca, Ma’Daerah in Terengganu, and in Cherating. I am inspired by the opportunity to volunteer at turtle sanctuaries, which helps me achieve my goal to make a difference while encouraging my friends to join in the effort to conserve wildlife and nature. Having to see nature slowly disappearing before my eyes motivates me to do my best to conserve nature before it is too late.

I hope to do a few things when I grow up. One of it is to keep volunteering and helping in conservation work for nature and wildlife. Being part of the Wildlife Heroes programme gives me a great head start as a child and I don’t even have to wait for that opportunity when I become an adult.”