World’s Strangest Creepy-Crawlies


What is it?

Information book.

Who is it by?

By Stuart Derrick and Charlotte Goddard, and published by Lonely Planet Kids.

What is it about?

This book consists of 40 creepy-crawlies from around the world. There is a bit of interesting information about each one, including its score on the strangeometer (creepiness, superpowers, bug beauty, fight factor and strangeometer score).

Zombie snail, leaf insect, puss moth caterpillar, glasswing butterfly and assassin bug are just a few of the creatures included in the book.

Just to make sure kids are reading, there are even quizzes to test them.

Other books in the World’s Strangest series are Ocean Beasts, Places, and Predators.

What can children learn from it?

Milipedes are born with just three pairs of legs and each time they shed their skin they grow extra legs.

The fairyfly has been around from the time of the dinosaurs. They are as big as the tip of a pen and only live for a few days!

Lesser water boatman is a tiny insect, only 2mm, yet the loudest animal for its size. It is said to be as loud as a passing freight train (789 decibels) but we don’t hear it because this bug sits at the bottom of rivers.

The goliath birdeater is the largest spider in the world – 28cm in legspan!

This book lists the top 40 of strange insects and anthropods that will excite your kids.

What did I like about it?

I like the way it is presented with the strangeometer. Kids are not going to know everything about these bugs and slugs overnight but it’s enough information to make them curious to know more.

Children these days spend too much time indoors and not enough time exploring the outdoors. This book will hopefullly inspire them to go outside and dig around for worms and look for butterflies.

I like that it shows kids the varieties available worldwide.

Where to get it?

Major bookstores including MPH online. The price is RM49.90.

Should you get it?