Where Equestria Comes to Life!


What is it?

A hardcover informational book with Augmented Reality (AR) features.

Who is it by?

Published by Scholastic.

What is it about?

The book starts off with an introduction to Equestria and a map showing where everything is, including Everfree Forest, Appleloosa, Manehattan and Cloudsdale. It then goes on to highlight the characters from My Little Pony – Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, among others. Each character has two pages with information like home, talent, element of harmony, pet, siblings’ names and other interesting tidbits about them.

You need to download the free My Little Pony AR Guide app to use the AR features. Then follow the instructions to find out how to use the app. Basically, in each page there is an icon that you need to scan and it will launch a 3D figure of the character on that page. The image can be blown up although I didn’t see the sense in that because then all you see is the legs. You can also get them to gallop around. If your kid has a friend using the same app, both of them can use their books and apps to get two different characters to play together. You can also customise your own pony.

The AR image disappears once you turn the page. Sometimes it also disappears when you move your phone around.

What can children learn from it?

Big fans of My Little Pony will learn all about the various characters. They will also learn about how to use AR technology and apps.

What did I like about it?

The AR features. I thought it was so cool to have one of the ponies in my home and galloping around (with the galloping sound, too!). Although I had a bit of a problem activating AR on some pages.

Guess who came to visit?

Where to get it?

Scholastic books can be bought at major bookstores. If you don’t see this book on the shelves, the bookstore might need to order it for you.

Should you get it?

Sure, if your child is a My Little Pony fan or is fascinated with technology.