Tree – A Little Story About Big Things


What is it?

A picture book.

Who is it by?

By Danny Parker, illustrated by Matt Ottley, and published by Scholastic.

What is it about?

This is the story of Tree, how it grows from a tiny plant into a big tree. When it was a young tree, it was protected and shaded by a bigger tree, until a time came when the big tree and other trees were felled. Then Tree stood alone. But one day, a sappling grew next to it and became a tree. Then it was Tree’s turn to shade the young tree.

What can children learn from it?

Children will learn about taking care of the environment and trees in particular. You can use it to impart on children that it’s never too late to grow trees for our environment. Children will also learn about the cycle of life and that the little ones grow up to take over from their elders. If you’re reading this to your child, you can use it to slowly introduce the concept of life and death.

Kids will also learn that the big things protect and look after the little things, until the little things grow up, and take over the role of a strong protector.

What did I like about it?

This is a powerful book and a great one to get for your children. It shares many values that most of us hold dear to our hearts – taking care of nature, the big protecting the small, and the cycle of life.

The pages and illustrations are gorgeous. Author Danny Parker has taken great effort in telling us the story from the tree’s perspective without over-romanticising it or personifying the tree.

In keeping it realistic, Parker has made its values and lessons stronger. This book, for me, is a keeper.

Where to get it?

Scholastic books can be bought at major bookstores. If you don’t see this book on the shelves, the bookstore might need to order it for you.

Should you get it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!