The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders


What is it?

A travel and information book.

Who is it by?

Published by Lonely Planet Kids.

What is it about?

This book contains all sorts of weird and wonderful items found in museums around the world. There are tabs to be lifted for more information on each page.

The book covers:

  • Archaeology – mummies, terracotta warriors
  • Medicine – exorcism ritual, old prosthetic arm, plague mask
  • Clothes – Mantua dress, fish helmet, Egyptian toe covers
  • Monsters – dinosaurs, sea creatures, skulls and bones
  • Naturalist – elephant bird egg, ribs of a 3m-long python (300 ribs!), dodo
  • Treasure hunter – King Tut’s mask, jewelled “saint”, eye brooch
  • Musicians – giant tuba, Egyptian clappers, pikasso guitar, Edison’s phonograph
  • Sailor’s Cabinet – killer whale skull, deep sea hatchetfish, 1820s diver’s helmet
  • Scientist – first earthquake detector, first vacuum cleaner, Einstein’s brain
  • Toy maker – old Mexican doll, Punch, old Pooh bear and friends
  • Miniature – deepsea worm, flea face, dust mites
  • Make-believe – fake merman, photo of Nessie and a footprint of yeti

What can children learn from it?

So many things to learn not just about the wonders found around the world but also the truth about certain objects and photos your kids may have seen on the Internet or in books.

For example, the merman in the Science Museum in the UK is a fake. It was made by combining parts of a monkey with a fish and was put together by Indonesian fishermen as a good luck charm. The famous photo of Nessie is also a fake, made using a toy submarine.

They will also learn about Tollund man, who was preserved by peat bog. His leathery face looks like he just went to sleep five minutes ago.

What did I like about it?

This is a good book to get kids interested in visiting museums around the world. There are a lot of gems and unusual items found in the great museums such as the Natural History Museum in UK, Egyptian Museum in Egypt, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The book will get them excited about visiting museums every time you travel and will prompt them to want to find out more. There are many categories covered here which children can research more indepth such as marine life, archaeology, paleonthology, science and medicine.

Where to get it?

Major book stores including MPH online. Priced at RM109.90.

Should you get it?

Only if your child loves information about everything on Earth.