RockStar Gym focuses on kids

Some of the children trying out a class at RockStar Gym.

WHEN we were children we exercised in school during PE, then we participated in sports after school. For the more active, there was football before school, during recess, after school and in the evening.

Today, children are more prone to picking up their tablet PCs than a football or badminton racquet. RockStar Gym wants to make a difference by giving children an opportunity to exercise outside the school environment.

“It’s safe to say parents want the absolute best for their children. Most parents would love having their kids grow up confidently while imprinting the importance of a healthy body and mind, so they are physically ready to deal with all the challenges of life; and ultimately giving every student an ability to maximise their potential to ‘Win!’,” says John Franklin, CEO of RockStar Gym.

According to him, socio-emotional and physical development are recognised as being important and children’s development is no longer limited to how well they perform academically.

“At RockStar Gym, we’ve designed ourselves to be a one-stop, kids and teens total physical development centre designed to enhance physical, socio-emotional and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment for kids in Malaysia aged six months to 16 years. Our instructors are world class performers who ensure each student receives training at international standards,” he adds.

John Franklin … sports in school is not enough for children.

Franklin believes that sports in school is not enough for children. He believes that at school, the physical education programme tends to be given the least amount of time and effort. He says that between the large number of students and the limited time afforded by the school, a child will not be able to get the focus needed to develop and improve.

This is a gap and an opportunity that RockStar Gym seeks to fill and take advantage of.

“We create a challenging environment with focus on skills; building confidence, and challenging each student to perform to their true potential. Our levelling programmes will see each student going at their own pace and skill,” says Franklin.

RockStar Gym specialises in gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, dance, yoga, futsal, tennis, basketball, swimming and more. The syllabus of each activity follows standards set by their respective bodies, coupled with values to make a winner of every child regardless of age, shape or size.

RockStar Gym claims that the programmes are focused, fun, exciting, and safe.

Parents just have to pay a monthly fee of RM224 for each child. This will give your child access to all of RockStar’s classes and gyms.

There are three RockStar Gyms in Malaysia (at Mines, Tropicana City Mall and SetiaWalk), with 10 more set to open over the next two years. About 90% of the classes are indoors with air-conditioning. The biggest gym is at the Mines where there is a large outdoor sports area with a pool.

Each gym has four to six class assistants who will assist classes that require a higher student/teacher ratio like gymnastics. In addition, the gym has four terms a year plus “winter and summer camps”.

At the end of each term, there is a Performance Week where students will perform for their peers and parents before receiving that term’s Appraisal Card. Eventually, there will be an annual “recital” for all students and parents to attend.

There will also be an annual competition called Rock-Olympics, where students from all the RockStar Gyms can compete against each other.

Franklin believes that the gym stands out because its programmes are built on RockStar’s values and the inherent believe that a child’s success is achieved at his own pace.