Review: Summer Right Height Bath Center


As a parent, the first and foremost daily activity with my babies is cleaning them up. Better hygiene is the core to better growth. A simple warm bath will soothe my fragile baby leading to a good day ahead. With a newborn at home, I was so glad to receive this bathtub by American company Summer for review.

With plenty common bath products available in store, none comes close to the Summer Right Height Bath Center in terms of features. Bath time with both my one-month-old and two-year-old babies has never been easier, and, may I add, enjoyable.

The Bath Center consists of three parts: a large tub, newborn bath support and the kneeler/step stool. It can be used in four different ways, which is really handy.

The first method is using just the newborn bath support. It is pretty handy as it fits in a standard sink if you choose not to use the large tub. As my baby is seated slightly upright, it is easy for me to clean him up and safe for his body posture as well.

The newborn bath support is even durable enough to handle the weight of my toddler (12kg) without a problem. He enjoys sitting down on the bath support while having a shower. However, it would be great if the groin area at the bottom of the support piece was better padded or cushioned. To protect the family jewels, I place a towel there for more cushioning and comfort for my newborn.

The second method to use the unit is to attach the kneeler/ step stool to the bottom of the large tub with newborn bath support. This way, we have the tub and baby elevated nearer to us for better bonding. This means no more bending over and risking backache as the baby is now at just the right height. It is great to handle my baby this way while bathing him. Once done, the water can be easily drained out by opening the lid of the drain hole in the tub.

The third method is just the tub with no accessories. This is great for toddlers. The large white tub is big enough for my elder child to have his mini-spa moment. Throw some toys into the water and you’ll have a party. The step stool is used for me to rest on while showering my older one.

Last, but not least, is the extended use of the kneeler/step stool. The base of the platform comes with rubber grips/stoppers and that helps to ensure the tub doesn’t slip easily. It is strong and sturdy and can easily support 100kg. My older baby uses it to stand on to reach the sink and I sit on it while bathing him.

It also helps that the tub is white in colour. I can see washed off dirt through the water while cleaning my babies.

Over the past month of using it, I have found the Right Height Bath Center to be a great product. It is light-weight, easy to assemble/ take apart, a simple three-piece only set. The newborn bath support is my favourite as it is so light and easy to bring along when travelling. My babies truly enjoy bath time and this product surely assists in building the confidence in them.

Pros: Simple design; user-friendly; portable; excellent neck and body support for younger babies (1-3 months); quick to set up.

Cons: Need softer groin support.

Summer Right Height Bath Center
Manufacturer: Summer Infant (
Distributor: Global Product Solutions
Age: 0-2years (tub); 0-6years (step stool)
Step stool can take weight up to: 250lb
Assembled size: 29x18x9in
Assembled weight: 8.5lb
Info: 4-stage tub offers:
Newborn bath support with comfortable incline for baby.
Sturdy plastic platform safely raises baby to parent’s level, later converts to standalone kneeler or handy step stool.
Gripper feet to prevent tipping.
Locking tabs ensure a snug fit between the tub and base.
Ample tub size supports toddlers up to two years.
Availability: Mothercare outlets
Price: RM264.90