Review: Snapkis Black Edition Premium USB Fan


The best part of motherhood is simply spending time with your little one. With the warm climate that we have here, many families prefer staying indoors, either at home or in the shopping malls where there is air-conditioning as babies generally sweat easily and when they do, they get cranky.

I prefer the outdoors as my baby can get closer to nature. A simple solution to counter the heat is a good stroller fan.

When I received this Snapkis black premium portable fan for review, I was excited. The timing was perfect as I was earnestly looking for a good one at the time.

From the packaging to its full black design, the fan looks like a premium product. It has a flexible neck that can be adjusted to any angle so that you can aim the fan in your baby’s direction.

In addition, the neck is durable compared to my previous fans, which would disconnect from the base after just a few twists and turns. It also has a very sturdy clip to be clamped on any baby stroller, car seat or crib.

Travelling with this fan is easy too as the adjustable body makes it easy to store.

The previous two designs I had came with foam fans that were not enclosed with a cover, hence they ended up being torn by little fingers and even got bitten!

Unlike those fans, the Snapkis is slightly heavier due to its build and it comes with a cover. It provides a stronger breeze too. However, it does not have any speed options.

The design of the fan allows it to stand on its own too, which means I could also place it on the table when dining with my little one.

The fan can be used by parents too. It can be clipped onto my laptop while working or onto my backpack while I jog in the park.

It works on either two AA batteries or via USB. This fan is extremely portable. Simply use the batteries when on the go or connect it to a power bank and you can use it for hours while on the go!

Believe it or not, the fan also provides some distraction for fussy babies like mine. Once I turn on the fan, my baby is amused by the turning fan and the gentle breeze. My baby loves holding it and playing with it, makes it perfect for long journeys when travelling. And don’t worry, little fingers can’t slip through the cover so it’s quite safe for baby to hold it.

Pros: Portable; dual power supply; sturdy material; baby-friendly design.

Cons: Slightly heavy; no speed option.

Snapkis Black Edition Premium USB Fan
Manufacturer: Snapkis (
Distributor: Global Product Solutions
Dimensions: 13 x 13.5 x 32cm
Weight: 9g
Size: 12.5 x 13.5 x 16cm
Features: dual power supply (USB or 2 AA batteries); USB charging cable included; fan cover to protect small fingers; clamp attachment; bendable neck for easy positioning.
Availability: Mothercare outlets
Price: RM74.10