Review: Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb


BREASTFEEDING can be joyful and stressful at times if you’re a working mum. After three kids, I still face days where I get engorged and embarrassed by leakage. Breast pads are vital for situations like this. As a teacher, I don’t have allocated time to pump between classes. There are times when I have to skip pumping sessions to juggle my busy schedule.

Thank God for breast pads! I have tried a few brands including Avent, Pureen and even cloth ones. But my favourite now is Pigeon.

The Pigeon Honeycomb breast pads come in a plastic pack that is easy to tear. All 60 pieces are wrapped individually for freshness and hygiene. On the wrapper are instructions with small pictures, making it easy to follow.

Rushing through classes, I find the individual wrappers user-friendly as they come off easily and fast. All I need is a few minutes to pry them open and instantly wear them.

The pads have a honeycomb lining for better distribution of dampness and air. The pads absorbed evenly but leaving it on for more than two hours turns the inner part slightly brownish. This is unlike Pureen which stays white or slightly yellow even after being heavily soaked for more than a couple of hours.

One thing I like about this brand is that it never made me feel hot, sweaty or uncomfortable. It’s ultra slim and tucks away comfortably inside the bra.

The non-slip adhesive tapes kept the pads in place even when I was physically active.

Removing used ones is as easy as putting them on. The adhesive parts never left any glue residue on my clothing.

The great features are many. It’s no wonder it was awarded the Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 by BabyTalk and Mama Papa. I can’t find anything wrong with these breast pads and will definitely recommend them to friends.

Pros: Comfortable; comes off easily; no glue residue on clothing; the slim shape and texture doesn’t bulk up the bra like cloth pads.

Cons: I don’t like that it turns slightly brownish after two hours.

Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb
Manufacturer: Pigeon (
Distributor: Pigeon (
Additional info: Winner of BabyTalk/MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2015
Quantity: 60 pieces
Availability: Major departmental stores and baby stores e.g. Parkson, Isetan, Metrojaya, Robinson, Aeon and Manjaku.
Price: RM36