Review: mifold the Grab-and-Go Booster


Child car seats have been a must-have item since we had our first child. We even had to endure a crying baby for the first two years because our firstborn had a hard time getting used to being strapped in a car seat. The crying and screaming was so bad that we even stopped travelling long distance by car for a period of time – for her sake and my sanity!

But the perseverance eventually paid off. She understood that no matter how loud she cried or screamed, the car seat was her place in the car and she has since stopped making a fuss over it.

However, being strict about the use of child car seats also makes our travelling plans rigid. Some who do not understand even consider us troublesome travellers as we won’t allow our children to hop into any car without a child car seat. We even refrain from travelling overseas if our children have no car seats readily available for them at our travel destination.

So, when I first discovered mifold I was really excited, especially since my elder one was ready to make the transition from child car seat to booster seat. What more when it offers an even better deal than a traditional booster seat, as it takes up much less space in a car.

I first discovered mifold from Facebook and I was completely sold by its introductory video. However, my husband did foresee one reason my child might not like it. The seat is about as thick as a tablet, which makes the seat much lower than a booster seat, and therefore, does not provide a very good view for a young child when he or she tries to look out the window.

mifold is an innovative booster seat for children aged four to 12 or weighing at least 15kg. Instead of boosting them to a higher position so that they can wear the seatbelt properly, it holds the seatbelt down to match the height of the child. It also offers three options for width settings, which has to be selected based on the size of your child.

The seat comes in a small box, which is its own marketing tool, providing a clear explanation of what it offers. It also features a useful step-by-step guide on how to use the car seat.

Before I used it for my child, I also went on YouTube to watch an official mifold video on the benefits and warnings. All the easily-accessible information made the process of using it that much smoother.

However, I have to admit that it took me a long while to unbuckle my child from the seat the first time she used it as I was unfamiliar with the parts. I had such a difficult time trying to release the lap belt from the two hooks on both sides of her thighs that it frustrated my child. I have since mastered it and find it can be easily unfastened within just a few seconds. That first experience is a good testament to how well the hooks secure the lap belt when a child is properly buckled up.

What I really love about the seat is how light and small it is when folded. It is really handy when your child needs to travel in someone else’s car after school or you need a car seat when travelling overseas.

However, while I really love how convenient and compact the mifold is, my child is not a big fan. While she doesn’t complain on short trips, she gets uncomfortable and irritable when sitting in the mifold for more than 30 minutes. She dislikes having a clip near her shoulder and the hard and flat surface of the seat. Unlike her previous car seat which has a comfortable cushion, this one seemed to be a bit too hard for her for longer drives.

Nonetheless I would still recommend this booster seat for use when travelling and as a handy extra unit. You can easily slip it into your child’s school bag on days when you make arrangements for others, who do not have any booster seat in their car, to pick up your kid. It is also light enough to bring along for overseas holidays.

Pros: Lightweight; portable; suitable for children of different age groups; great for carpooling and holidays.

Cons: May not be as comfortable as other child car seats or other traditional cushion-type booster seats; the shoulder clip can be irritating to a young child.

Mifold the Grab-and-Go Booster
Manufacturer: Carfoldio Ltd (
Distributor: SNS Products Sdn Bhd (
Folded dimensions: 25cm x 12cm x 4cm
Product weight: 750g
Product materials: Strong metal chassis of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium (as strong as steel) and Dupont Delrin 100ST a super tough plastic polymer for superior impact resistance.
Product usage: Group 2/3. At least 4 years and 15kg till 36kg or 150cm tall
Safety standard: ECE R44/4
Availability: Safe ‘n Sound (
Price: RM282.08 + 6% = RM299