Review: Jack n’ Jill Stage Two Silicone Toothbrush


Oral hygiene is something I regret not practising better with my elder child as she is currently having some big problems with her teeth (with that, I mean cavities). That is why, with my second child, I made sure that I started brushing her teeth and practising oral hygiene at a very young age.

When I received the Jack N’ Jill silicone toothbrush for review, I was happy to make the transition from finger brush to finally using a proper toothbrush to brush my toddler’s teeth. Thankfully, it was a smooth transition as she was previously using a silicone finger brush so the texture of this toothbrush is nothing new to her.

I wasn’t too sure why a safety shield was included when I first opened the box. However, I was glad that Jack N’ Jill was thoughtful enough to include this accessory when I used the toothbrush for the first time with my toddler. It may seem illogical to make the toothbrush too short to reach the big molars, but the safety shield is just the right length to ensure you do not push the brush too far inside your child’s mouth.

I could tell my child loved this new brush from the start as she comfortably opened her mouth for me to brush her teeth. I could easily brush her front and back teeth without any struggle. I like how gentle the silicone bristles are on her tiny teeth as well as her gums, while also doing a good job of cleaning her teeth really well.

Since the entire toothbrush is made of silicone, it is easy for me hold without it slipping out of my grasp while helping my child brush her teeth. To me, a simple but easy-to-hold toothbrush is definitely better than those odd-shaped children’s toothbrushes, especially when parents are the ones helping their children to brush their teeth.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends with toddlers below two years old, considering how easy it is to use and how gentle it is on the teeth and gums.

Pros: Safe to use; easy to clean; gentle to children’s teeth and gums; comfortable to hold.

Cons: None.

Jack n’ Jill Stage Two Silicone Toothbrush
Manufacturer: Jack n’ Jill (
Distributor: Global Product Solutions
Age: 12-24months
Materials: 100% food and medical grade silicone
Additional info: BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
Availability: Mothercare outlets
Price: RM31.70