Review: ClevaFeed Silicone Safe Feeder With Extra Teat


EVER since my child started taking solid food, I have been steaming and blending the food for her easy consumption.

Except for softer fruits like banana and avocado, the preparation of other types of fruits is normally quite time-consuming.

All that changed when I got a chance to try the ClevaMama ClevaFeed. This feeder comes with a teat with holes all over and a ring handle for babies to hold on to as they chew on the teat.

All I need to do is peel a fruit and cut it into small pieces before inserting them into the teat.

The teat is larger than normal milk bottles’ nipples but it still fits nicely into babies’ small mouths. Babies above six months old can then chew on the teat to enjoy the juice and small strands of fruit that come out of its holes.

Having said that, it wasn’t an easy process to introduce this product to my breastfed child. Since she doesn’t use any feeding bottles, she initially rejected the feeder and refused to suck on it.

However, after a few attempts, she eventually tried the feeder after noticing that she can get sweet fruit juice from it.

What I like about the feeder is that it minimises choking hazards when young child feeds on it.

It can be easily used and cleaned without having any food residue stuck in between any hidden corners. However, there may be stains on the teat if strong-coloured fruits like papaya and dragon fruit are fed with it. That said, the stains disappear after a few rounds of washing.

It is also a convenient product to use outside the home as it comes with a teat cover. The pack comes with an extra teat for replacement.

I will definitely recommend this to friends with young babies who have just started taking solid food. It encourages baby-led weaning and improves a child’s hand-eye coordination as the baby uses the product on her own.

Pros: User-friendly; easy to clean; low choking risk; good size for baby’s small hands and mouths; encourages baby-led weaning; improves hand-eye coordination.

Cons: Easily stained with strong-coloured fruits.

ClevaFeed Silicone Safe Feeder With Extra Teat
Manufacturer: ClevaMama (
Distributor: Global Product Solutions
Age: 6m+
1) Perfect to introduce baby to fresh solid foods.
2) Reduces risk of choking.
3) Hygienic silicone teat which is easily cleaned.
Useful link:
Safety standard: EN71-1
Safety info: Free of BPA, phthalates and cadmium
Availability: Mothercare
Price: RM35.95 (including 6% GST)