Product review: Beaudex Kids Justice League range


One of the regular challenges of parenthood is bathtime. Most kids dread it and use all sorts of reasons and excuses to stall for time. In many homes, there is often a lot of cajoling, persuading, nagging, negotiation and even some bribing to get kids to take a bath. This need not be the case.

A great way to make bathtime more exciting is to choose the right range of personal care products. This will make time in the bathroom fun for kids while minimising the power struggle between parent and child. Finding the right products is not merely dependent on the nicest scent or cutest packaging and soap design; it also involves finding soaps, shampoos and lotions with ingredients that are gentle on your child’s skin and will not cause irritation or other adverse reactions.

Beaudex Kids with its Justice League range of personal care products is an option for fuss-free bathtime. Its packaging highlights some of my children’s favourite superheroes – Superman, Supergirl, Batman and Wonderwoman.

In fact, plenty of oohs, aahs and giggles of excitement were heard as soon as my daughters saw the packaging. They were in awe of the new products in the bathroom, probably because they are familiar with the superheroes, particularly Wonderwoman and Supergirl. They were so happy to see the packaging and use the new body wash and shampoo that they requested to have another shower when they were done!

As a mum, I am always mindful of finding a good body wash that doesn’t just cleanse the skin but also moisturises, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Superman Smashing Citrus Zest Yogurt Body Wash does just that. Suitable for kids of all ages, it is free of paraben, SLES/SLS (sodium laureth sulfate/sodium lauryl sulfate) and soap. In addition, it is specially formulated with nourishing ingredients including oat milk, soy milk and rice milk. With orange and lemon extracts as its key ingredients, the Body Wash ensures kids are refreshed and energised after each shower.

I appreciate that the Body Wash is free of soap. If you have a child who has sensitive skin, soap can sometimes trigger the child’s eczema. It is heartening that more manufacturers are aware of this and leaving soap out of their ingredients.

My kids love the scent and it somehow elevates their mood, making them much happier each time they have a bath. I notice that the children now look forward to bathtime every day. They seem to spend more time in the bathroom, “playing” with their favourite superheroes and having their own little adventures. It’s great to see the superheroes encouraging my kids to express themselves as well.

The Supergirl Dazzling Summer Berries Hair Shampoo smells as good as the body wash. Although the 2-in-1 shampoo is a little thick, it easily rinses off the hair, which is an advantage, especially when you have a toddler who hates shampooing. Formulated to be mild and gentle, it definitely passed the tear test, converting my I-don’t-want-to-shampoo-my-hair toddler to one who now looks forward to a daily hair wash.

The shampoo contains the triple milk extract (oat, soy and rice) to help moisturise, condition and smoothen my child’s hair. No tangles, too! This shampoo left my little one’s hair extra soft and shiny. Smells great too!

For a quick solution, the Batman Awesome Apple Punch Head to Toe Wash comes to the rescue. It contains nourishing ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, oat milk and rice milk. Don’t be fooled by this wash. It may be runnier than most shampoos and body washes, but it works just as well. In fact, it is mild and gentle for the hair and body, and the apple fragrance lingers on the skin.

My personal favourite has to be the Wonderwoman Sparkling Mango Mania Bubble Bath. After all, most kids love a good splash and soak in the tub. Living up to its claim of extra bubbly fun, this product certainly makes bathtime exciting. The bubbles last a long time and the fragrance is amazing! I just love how it cleanses the skin and leaves my kids smelling delightful after each bath.

Got a cranky child? Just use this bubble bath and throw in a basketful of bath toys to get your kid smiling and laughing again. Works every time!

If your kids are fans of superheroes, they will enjoy seeing the bottles of body wash and shampoo each time they go into the bathroom and parents can use this to get their kids to shower. What better encouragement than products “endorsed” by Superman, Supergirl, Batman and Wonderwoman?

I think it’s a great idea to use superheroes on children’s personal care products as parents can use it to teach their children about being strong and healthy, too. I do wish there were more superheroes though so that all the children’s favourites are covered. Perhaps Beaudex Kids can expand the range to include Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern.

The Beaudex Kids personal care range is selling at RM14.90 for the 250ml and RM28.90 for the 650ml bottle at Bath & Kids, 1Utama Shopping Centre and major pharmacies and supermarkets in Malaysia.

Parents can look forward to upcoming characters from Nickelodeon, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Shimmer & Shine, Dora the Explorer, and Spongebob Squarepants. They will be making an appearance on Bath & Kids products soon.

Pros: Moisturising; cleans really well; leaves skin supple; no tangles in hair; free from paraben, SLES/SLS and soap; amazing fragrance; price.

Cons: May not be suitable for all skin types, depending on how sensitive your child’s skin is.

* This advertorial is sponsored by AmLion.