Pip’s Peculiar Problem


What is it?

A picture book.

Who is it by?

Written and illustrated by Lim Lay Koon and published by Oyez!

What is it about?

Pip is a pangolin who lives in the jungles of Borneo with his Mama, Papa and little sister Penny. When pangolins are in danger they curl up in a ball to protect themselves from predators. The problem is Pip can’t curl into a ball no matter how hard he tries.

His Mama takes him to see Sifu Porcupine, Swami Snake and Monsieur Monkey. Each of them try to help Pip, but none of their methods work. Then Pip and Penny come into contact with humans! Will Pip be able to protect Penny?

What can children learn from it?

This is a wonderful introduction to pangolins and what they look like, eat and how they protect themselves. There are also eight pages at the back of the book with drawings and information about other local animals such as the Malayan Porcupine, Malayan Sun Bear, the Malayan Tapir and the Crab-eating Macaque.

What did I like about it?

Author and illustrator Lim Lay Koon has done a fantastic job illustrating the pangolin and making it cute and lovable. I liked the Malaysian jungle featured in the plants, trees and animals found there.

Making the porcupine an acupuncturist was just pure genius. It’s an obvious character yet it’s not something I would have thought of.

I also liked the little introduction to some animals found in the Borneo jungle. This will pique the interest of children and can lead to them to finding out more about the animals found in our jungles.

The only small complaint I have is about the font used in the book. It looks dated. Perhaps something newer which doesn’t look like Times New Roman might have been better.

Where to get it?

This book is available at http://www.oyezbookstore.com/.

Should you get it?