Parents need to model healthy tech usage

Mothers and babies participating in a Gymboree class conducted by trained professionals.

HOW should parents manage their children’s use of gadgets in this digital age? This is a tough one that needs mindfulness and a careful balancing act.

In conjunction with its 40th anniversary, Gymboree Play and Music recently had a dialogue session to encourage parents to consider the pros and cons of allowing their children access to technology.

“Before we can even begin a conversation about raising children in the digital age, I think that we as parents, first need to look at our own relationship with technology and social media, and ask ourselves if we are modelling the kind of healthy, balanced behaviour we hope to see in our future generations,” said Michelle Lim-Chua, author of The Mindful Mum.

She shared her experiences creating guidelines for herself and her family when it comes to technology with the aim of being more present and more involved with her kids.

According to Dr Chow Su Lin, consultant paediatrician and co-founder of Baby and Beyond Child Specialist Centre, “0-5 years old is the time when your parenting efforts are most impactful in building your children’s brain architecture as their social, emotional and cognitive development is exponential in this period. Invest in your relationship with them now and it will serve as a strong foundation for the rest of your lives. It is also the time when they are the most, incorrigible, interesting and magical creatures.”

The dialogue session explored many aspects of raising children by moderating the usage of technology in their daily lives.