Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival


What is it?

An early chapter book.

Who is it by?

By Rebecca Elliott and published by Scholastic.

What is it about?

This series is about Eva Wingdale who lives at Treehouse 11 on Woodpine Avenue in Treetopolis. Each book is written in diary format, relating the problems and challenges she faces at school and at home.

In this book, Eva volunteers to organise a spring festival. It will be called the Bloomtastic Festival and it will feature contests, prizes, a talent show, a bake-off, a fashion show and an art show.

Her teacher Miss Featherbottom agrees, advising Eva to share the work. She suggests having it next Thursday with the prizes given out on Friday.

When Miss Featherbottom announces the festival to the class and Eva explains her plans for it, Sue Clawson questions why Eva is in charge. This makes Eva upset and even more determined to make the festival a success.

Instead of following her teacher’s advice, Eva attempts to do everything herself. Even with her best friend Lucy’s help, Eva feels overwhelmed as the festival date draws near.

Will she pull it off, or will the festival be cancelled?

What can children learn from it?

Children will learn the value of asking for help and working as a team. They will also learn that not everyone is mean all the time and not to expect the worst of others.

What did I like about it?

The illustrations are adorable! They really are beautiful and little ones will love the cute owls drawn on each page. The colours used make the pages attractive.

Eva and her friends are characters that the kids will be able to empathise with and relate to. The scenarios are common ones that they would probably have faced at one time or another in school and at home.

Where to get it?

Scholastic books can be bought at major bookstores. If you don’t see this book on the shelves, the bookstore might need to order it for you.

Should you get it?