My Family Height Chart


What is it?

A book with a foldout chart.

Who is it by?

Published by Lonely Planet Kids.

What is it about?

This unusual height chart can be torn out of the book and pasted to your door or on your wall. It goes up to 201cm (6ft 7in). Along the chart you can find lots of interesting information.

For example:

  • The tiniest dog in the world is a chihuahua called Milly who is 965cm.
  • The world’s biggest feet belong to Jeison Rodriguez of Venuzuela. His feet measure 40cm. That’s a size 32 shoe!
  • The largest snail is the Australian Trumpet which can grow up to 91cm!

There are also stickers to mark your child’s progress. The stickers just say “Name & Date” and come in four colours (yellow, pink, green and grey). You can use one set for each child and fill in their name and the datee.

There are also stickers for “1 Metre Award”, “1.5 Metres Tall Today!” and even “I’m the Tallest!”

As this is a family height chart, it makes sense to mark Dad and Mum’s heights too and watch as the kids shoot up!

What can children learn from it?

Children will learn all sorts of interesting facts, figures and trivia about animals, plants, people, inventions and the world.

What did I like about it?

This is a chart to monitor your children’s height. Instead of a boring old chart, this one offers all sorts of facts and trivia to make the children excited about monitoring their height. The stickers will come in handy for kids to celebrate milestones like 1m and 1.5m.

I think it’s great that Lonely Kids Planet has turned something boring like monitoring your height into an informative and educational experience.

Where to get it?

It is available at major bookstores.

Should you get it?

It’s not necessary, but nice to have. Check it out. If the price suits you, get it.