My Blade Quest


What is it?

An adventure series for kids. For the purpose of this review, we had the chance to read the first four books: A New Game, Second Shot, Sudden Threat and Hot Pursuit.

Who is it by?

Written by prolific Singaporean author Don Bosco and published by Little Knights.

What is it about?

This six-book series is about siblings Jay and Shu who have inherited their parents’ Blade Quest Industries, which produces the Blade Quest card game. The game is very popular worldwide and has been translated into several languages.

Their parents died in a motor accident in Indonesia. Their guardian Uncle Selva keeps an eye on them now and helps them run the business until they are old enough to take over.

In the first book (A New Game), Jay and Shu find out that a man named Garth Gan has stolen a notebook from their company. It contains information that could be used to destroy Blade Quest Industries. They also need to travel around the world to get the other four notebooks before Garth gets his hands on them. They are assisted by Special Agent Victoria from the Unusual Crimes Unit.

Each book takes the kids to different countries. Book 1 (A New Game) is in Singapore and Malaysia; Book 2 (Second Shot) sees them in Japan; Book 3 (Sudden Threat) is based in Australia; and Book 4 (Hot Pursuit) takes them to the US.

In each country, they meet young people their age who attempt to help them and who eventually become their friends.

Along the way, there is a Garth Gan lookalike who idolises him and whom the kids have to be careful of too.

What can children learn from it?

This is a good adventure series that takes readers to several countries where we learn a bit more about Blade Quest Industries and Jay and Shu’s parents and their friends.

You have to read the whole series to find out what happens in the end. This is an easy-read and is a good way to introduce series to youngsters before they graduate to other series like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Children will learn about working as a team, making friends, and not everyone can be trusted, with bits of info on each country the characters visit.

What did I like about it?

What’s not to like? Don Bosco knows how to write a series to whet the reader’s appetite and keep them wanting more. I do wish there was more background on the kids and a bit more emotions and development of the characters. But I think these are things that many young readers will not be asking for. They will enjoy the series thoroughly.

Where to get it?

Available online from Armour Publishing (

Should you get it?

Yes, if your child likes adventures.