Gender equality through Isaac’s eyes


Isaac Isyraf Lim believes in equal opportunity for everyone. He also advocates women empowerment. Although only 14, he doesn’t let that stop him from doing what he can to create awareness among his peers.

Here, he tells us about himself:

“In primary school, at first I didn’t understand what gender diversity or women empowerment was. It was alien to me. But once my mother explained what it was, I had a whole new understanding of how the world works, and I thought to myself that it is a bit unfair for women to do all the work while men don’t.

My mother is the CEO of iOli Communications. I often attend her NGO events and share what I see and learn with my friends. I explain to my friends that women don’t have to do all the work all the time. At home, the housework is not done only by my mother but also my father. My younger sister Sophie and I also help out with cleaning up the house, doing the dishes and many more chores.

When my former teacher heard me talking to friends about gender equality, she requested that I bring my mother to school. We started doing small discussions with a group of my friends. We discussed issues such as a mother’s duty, a father’s duty and our duty as children. Many of my friends shared that usually it is their mothers who would do the housework while their fathers and the children relax in the TV room.

I explained how things are in my house where all of us share the chores. Things get done faster and I get to learn how to cook. After a few sessions with my friends, we were very happy to know that it affected them and their families now change the way they do things at home. They told me their fathers now help their mothers in the kitchen too. Some of my friends started to help their parents and they even assist their helpers too. I think that is a wonderful outcome.

Gender diversity means a lot to me because women like my mum have to do so much. They work and when they come home, they still need to do all the housework, pick the kids up from school and worry about their finances. So, if people talk about getting equal opportunity for women in business, they should also be treated fairly at home. Men should share the workload at home too.

Women should have their own rights and should get the help they need. I am playing a role in promoting gender equality by talking to people my age. It is easier for me to create awareness with my friends. Kids can make a difference by learning about gender diversity and its importance and start creating a better future for their own kids and their kids after them.

Apart from this, I am in a band where I play the bass. When I am not jamming with friends, I cycle with my dad.

I enjoy following my parents for their events. I am learning a lot, such as how to run a business. I have also attended Coding for Kids event at the Google Malaysia office. It was super cool.”