Edison Lim builds an incubator


Lots of kids can program these days. It’s almost the norm for children to attend coding classes or workshops if they are interested in technology or just love computer games. But, Edison Lim doesn’t just code, he has also built his own egg incubator! In addition, the 12-year-old also plays the piano, cooks, and is an avid YouTuber and a KidZania CongreZZ Kid.

Let’s read what he has to say about himself:

“I coded the program for it, then I built the incubator. The part that I focused more on was coding, because you have to code the incubator for it to actually work. If you just build the incubator it’s not going to work. My incubator turns the eggs every three hours and it will also tell you how many ‘flips’ it has made in a day. It will also tell you the time. I’m planning to add music to the incubator soon. I haven’t added in a fan, but I’ve already added the timer and all that stuff.

From building the incubator, I’ve learned that you cannot just put in different eggs in one tray at a go. I realised that not all eggs hatch in 21 days like chicken eggs. Goose eggs hatch in 19 days, I think, so it depends on different types of eggs and how they hatch in general.

I like the satisfaction of doing it. At first, you will wonder ‘why can’t I do it’ but once you get everything done you’ll think, ‘Yes! I’ve finally done it; it’s so cool!’

I’m planning to be a programmer, which is basically a coder, and also a YouTuber – which are my two favourites. Third in line is being a rock climber, because I just started rock climbing in the past few months and I really like it. If you are really good at it, you can go to the Olympics. Now, the Olympics has included rock climbing.

My YouTube channel (Pandalover2000) now has 293 subscribers. At first everyone told me that I could never even get 100 because my YouTube channel is about gaming, and they said gaming is not unique, but I said it’s how you edit your videos and how you talk. So I kept doing it, even though they said I cannot do it. After about three months, I finally got 100 subscribers, and then I just continued. When I got 200 subscribers, everyone started to praise me.

I want to have 10 million subscribers. One million subscribers is already pretty good. I admire all YouTubers, especially MatPat of ‘The Game Theorists’ because his videos are quite unique. It’s not only about gaming; he also does other stuff, which are theories as well. His theories are quite nice and I like them a lot.

Everything and nothing motivates me. I just go with the flow. Take piano, for example. I just thought some songs sounded cool and I went to YouTube to learn how to play them myself. As for coding, I thought that it looked cool, and I wondered how it was done. Then I tried it and found it was fun.

I also cook, and I was the first runner-up in KidZania’s Zuper Kitchen Challenge last year. Cooking is fun because you get to make your own food. For example, if you want to eat spaghetti, you can make it. Or you can come up with an original recipe; it’s like programming. To cook, you need all recipes, and finding recipes also gives me satisfaction. Once I find the recipes I am looking for, I just feel like ‘Yes, I did it!’ Then, I try them out because if I don’t, I can’t tell people to try them. You yourself have to test it out first and see if it’s good.”

Edison’s YouTube channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfWLN82RgNRhvV4Cmg_b_g.