City Mazes


What is it?

Puzzles with information about each city.

Who is it by?

City Mazes: Real Street Map Puzzles to Solve From Amsterdam to Vancouver is published by Lonely Planet.

What is it about?

There are 30 cities from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia in this book. Each city is presented in the form of a map with the sights marked with graphics and icons. The map is also a maze of roads and alleys. It is up to you to figure out how to go from the Start point to the Finish. Along the way, find out about each city’s landmarks, sights and places to have fun doing what the locals do.

Plus, for those who want to know more, there is information about each landmark highlighted in the map.

What can children learn from it?

This is a treat for puzzle lovers. The book should keep your intrepid puzzle-solver busy for a few hours or days.

While they solve the puzzles, they will also learn about cities like Buenos Aires, Dubai, Cape Town, Krakow, and Seoul.

What did I like about it?

I love puzzles so this book appeals to me. I also appreciated the information about each highlight and the links to the sights. It is refreshing that the sights in each city aren’t just the usual touristy destinations. There are also unique stores and entertainment venues. I do wish there was more information about the cities though. Instead of just information on the sights, perhaps a little history of the city would have been a nice touch.

Where to get it?

Available at MPH and major bookstores.

Should you get it?

Yes, if your child loves puzzles and travel.