Binturong/Tapir/Slow Loris


What is it?

A series of picture books for preschoolers.

Who is it by?

Written by Beverley Hon, illustrated by Lim Lay Koon, and published by Oyez!

What is it about?

This Borneo Animals series highlights the animals that are found in Borneo. Each book uses rhyme to share information about the featured animal.

For example, we learn that baby tapirs are striped and dotted and even eat twigs! The binturong’s long bushy tail helps it move along up in the trees where it searches for fruits and even small animals to eat. And, well, the slow loris really is slow.

What can children learn from it?

These books are a good introduction to local animals for young children. They will enjoy finding out about the binturong, tapir and slow loris. It can lead to conversations about these animals.

What did I like about it?

It’s great that Hon has chosen to highlight local animals so that young children can find out more about animals not normally found in children’s books.

Illustrator Lim Lay Koon has gone to great lengths to ensure the graphics look as realistic as possible to make for better identification of the animals. It can be quite tricky illustrating animals because if it’s too realistic, it might not be attractive to kids. Lim has done a good job in this case.

Where to get it?

The books are available from and at Silverfish in Bangsar.

Should you get it?

Do check out the books first for reading level. If your child loves animals, this series would be ideal.