Around the World in 50 Ways


What is it?

A travel book for kids.

Who is it by?

Written by Dan Smith, illustrated by Frances Castle and published by Lonely Planet Kids.

What is it about?

This book takes children from city to city to town around the world. The journey begins in England where we find out about the Tower of London. From there we can take a train (go to Page 40), a coach (go to Page 122) or a boat (turn to Page 8).

At the next destination, you again get a nugget of information about one of the sights in that city or town before being whisked off to your next destination.

This book will have you jumping from one page at the start of the book to something at the back, then somewhere in the middle. It’s not supposed to be read in an orderly fashion from the front to the back like other books.

What can children learn from it?

Although each page seems to have just a crumb of detail, in reality this book contains a wealth of information. Some of the places in this book will be new to readers. For example, Wuppertal – a German city famous for its suspension railway.

There is also Maun in Botswana where we learn that this country has the most elephants and meerkats than any other country.

It is a delight to see places like Lapland, Trondheim and Guatemala City included in a travel book for children.

Representing South-East Asia are Battambang, Chiang Mai, Manila, Hanoi, Bangkok and Singapore.

In addition, this book also features transport options – Greyhound Bus, Eurostar, Airbus A320, cruise ship, jeep, Trans-Siberian Railway, Jumbo Jet, push bike and the bullet train.

You can find out about different countries, cities, cultures, modes of transportation and even the sights, scenes and activities in each destination.

What did I like about it?

This is a good book to introduce travel to your kids and get them excited about seeing the world. I liked that it was not just the usual cities that were included. There is La Paz, Ulaanbaatar and Luxor, to name just three.

Ironically, although the book is printed in Malaysia, we don’t have any city or town highlighted in its pages. Lonely Planet Kids could have included Taiping, Gemas, Muar, or even Miri. That would have been a treat!

Where to get it?

MPH or major bookstores.

Should you get it?